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Happy Birthday Kristin!

This past weekend we went to Brooklyn to my friend Kristin & her hubby’s place to celebrate her birthday and for their housewarming party. Naturally I couldn’t come empty handed so cupcakes were in order. These were going to be different though because Kristin has a special love, and it’s not chocolate! (She’s actually the only person I know who doesn’t like it!)

This love is that of BACON, so I decided it was time to try out a bacon cupcake recipe! There were equal amounts of surprise, confusion, and  delight going around the room when the cupcakes were announced and there were a variety of reactions as well. Some comments included: “Bacon cupcake = strange and wonderful”, followed by “Wonderful and wonderful”,  “I just ate a BACON cupcake. My life will never be the same… At first I said eww. Then I had a bite. Un-freaking-believably delicious!”

I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous about their reception, but fortunately it was all positive! I’m sure alcohol helped loosen up anyone who may have been hesitant to try them too. The cake portion was a maple-bacon combo; it’s main ingredients being dark amber maple syrup, bacon fat, a full pound of chopped up bacon, and brown sugar. Despite all the bacon in it, the cake didn’t have much of a bacon-y taste. Some people actually thought it may have contained cornmeal, and I think that’s because it was so dense, and biscuit-like. The next time I make these (if there is a next time!) I have a few adjustments to make, which I think will make the cake a bit lighter.

The frosting was a unique creation. A maple buttercream is suggested to top a maple bacon cupcake, but knowing my audience, I really wanted to make sure I had a full bacon punch. To get that punch, I mixed bacon fat into the butter, and that definitely got the flavor across! I did a mix of milk and maple syrup, so the frosting wouldn’t be too sweet. Each cupcake was then topped with coarse sea salt crystals, sugar in the raw, and real bacon bits!

In conclusion, bacon cupcakes go great with beer, and might also be a nice eye-opener for breakfast!