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Merry Christmas!!

As suspected, my Eggnog cupcakes are back for an encore! I used a little less rum in this batch, tripled the recipe, and frosted them with a wide star tip this time. I used the sugar holly leaves again, to maintain their festive feel!!



Greetings & Salutations!

Welcome to my second blog!! I’ve been having such a fun time blogging with Jer about our house-buying/reno adventures, I thought I’d start a second blog dedicated to my cupcake creations! I’ve also had a few requests for a cupcake blog, so I figured why not?

This is not going to be a recipe collection because I tend to use recipes I find online or in various cookbooks. I also don’t want to be held responsible if someone bakes a bad cupcake following my guidelines! But I will share my sources when possible. If/when I start creating my own recipes, I will gladly post them. Right now though, this is just going to be an archive of my creations, past and future!

Godete! (enjoy!)