Happy Birthday Jer!!!

Happy Birthday Jer!

Today is Jer’s birthday, and to celebrate the big day I baked him a Hostess-style cupcake! He’s been hinting for a while that he’d like one, so I figured his birthday would be the best time to give it a whirl.

Jer is my biggest supporter when it comes to cupcakes, or really any wacky idea I come up with, so I was very excited to finally make a cupcake specifically for him, especially after all the cupcakes he’s sampled that would never have been his choice (namely one particular cream-cheese topped cupcake – he does not like cream cheese, but he tried it anyway!)

I spent the day cooking Sunday in honor of his coming birthday, and he helped too. The day started with a nice egg breakfast, followed by a shrimp and grits lunch. Next it was on to cupcakes and ribs! (I did the cupcakes, Jer did the ribs.) Dinner was the ribs with hush puppies, and a mess of collard greens!

The cupcakes almost took as long as Jer’s ribs!! They’re pretty labor intensive with four different components, which is why I made them over the weekend. I had to make sure the cupcakes were just right, as he is a Hostess expert – the creamy filling could certainly not be used for  the signature Hostess swirl, must be different!

The first component was the cake. I have several chocolate cake recipes in my arsenal, and I’m not totally sure the one I picked was the best for the job, but Jer liked the cake. Personally, I thought it should have been lighter and fluffier!

Next came the creamy filling from the other recipe. It’s a combo of marshmallow fluff (a VERY sticky, odd substance), confectioners sugar, butter, and heavy cream. It’s been YEARS since I’ve had a Hostess cupcake, so I didn’t remember what the filling tasted like, but Jer said it was a pretty good match!

Then came the ganache. Instead of the traditional bittersweet chocolate used for ganache, which I find too bitter, I use semi-sweet, and it was perfect! It had a nice glossy shine and color, and was neither too sweet, nor too bitter!

Lastly, the signature Hostess swirl… I planned on making the swirl with royal icing swirl, but instead made a buttercream. Honestly, I was more concerned about getting the look of the swirl right, as I don’t usually do fine lines, and the swirl is so distinct! But, I managed to get all seven swirls on each cupcake! (some were definitely better than others!)

All in all not too shabby for a first try, and most importantly my birthday guy enjoyed them!!!


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