A fun dessert for a fun dinner party!

Last night we had the pleasure of hosting a little dinner party for Jer’s brothers and sister-in-law. We had steamed clams and mussels to start, then followed that up with homemade pizza. And naturally, no dinner is complete without dessert, so I fired up the oven (these were baked before our guests arrived) and whipped up a quick batch of cupcakes!

I kept it simple with one of my favorites, almond cupcakes! I topped them with a peach-tinted, almond-flavored buttercream. The decorations? Simple- just a little orange-colored sugar and white nonpareils. I baked them in very cute wrappers that say “Eat more cake!” They were part of a very fun cupcake-themed bday gift from my friend Courtney!

Our dinner party was a lot of fun, and the cupcakes were a great way to end the night!

I had some extra frosting, so I made the last cupcake look kinda like a soft-serve ice cream!

Buttercream with a side of cupcake!

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