Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

To celebrate the holiday, I thought a Guinness cupcake, frosted two ways, would be the perfect choice!

I used a Chocolate Stout cupcake recipe, and made two different frostings based on a traditional buttercream frosting. The first, a Guinness-flavored buttercream and the second a Bailey’s-flavored buttercream. The Guinness with Bailey’s frosting are sometimes referred to as an Irish Car Bomb Cupcake!

The stout cupcake recipe is one of my favorite chocolate cupcake recipes. You really don’t taste much of the Guinness, but it has a great texture and an amazing, not too sweet chocolate taste. (Using a high-quality chocolate also helps in the taste department!)

I brushed the tops of the ones that were to get the Guinness buttercream with some additional Guinness to infuse more of the stout taste. The buttercream does pick of some of the taste of the beer, but its mild. It makes the cream less sweet, and is a great compliment to the chocolatey cupcake.

Guinness cake with "foamy" Guinness Buttercream

The Bailey’s frosted ones, aka the “Irish Cupcake Bombs”, don’t need any extra infusing. The Bailey’s alone comes across quite strongly in the buttercream, and also goes very well with the stout cupcake!!

Irish Cupcake Bomb


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  1. Hey you,

    Great lookin’ cupcakes! I like your beer that spillith over. Happy st. pattys. All this talk of stout got me to thinkin’ about what a great combination it is. Well done again.

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