Fly Me to the Moon…

...let me eat cupcakes among those stars!

Last night we attended a space-themed crafting party hosted by my sister’s boyfriend Alex, & my craft was space-themed cupcakes! It was a highly entertaining evening, and there were some truly amazing creations that emerged by night’s end!! (see below)

Before heading out for Brooklyn, I did my baking. I went with a basic vanilla cupcake, with vanilla frosting since the decorations (done on site) were the focus of my craft.

Still in search of a fantastic vanilla cupcake recipe, I wanted to try a new one I found that had some good reviews:  Billy’s Vanilla, Vanilla Cupcakes. He is the owner of Billy’s Bakery in NYC, and was featured in a segment on the Martha Stewart Show. I also used his Vanilla Buttercream recipe for the frosting. The cupcakes did come out great and got rave reviews, but a quick note… The recipe supposedly makes 30 cupcakes, I halved the recipe and ended up with 11! The frosting was good too, but just your basic buttercream.

Here’s some of the creations that emerged from last night’s festivities (pictures courtesy of Danielle!)

Gunner's Creation!

Alex's Creation!

Suzanna's Creation!

Alex & Suzanna's Creation!

Melinda's Creation!

Danielle's Creation

My Creation!


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  1. the best kind of crafts are of the edible variety!!!

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