Happy Birthday to…


Shiver Me Timbers!

Back in elementary school, when we had a birthday, our mom would bake cupcakes for us to bring in and share with our classmates. I thought I’d revisit this tasty tradition for my 32nd bday today! So, I baked cupcakes to bring in to work tomorrow to share with my co-workers!

There was some other motivation in baking these guys today in addition to revisiting the tradition. For one, I had these cute pirate cupcake wrappers I’ve been wanting to use. Also, I really wanted to try baking cupcakes with the oven at our new house. (Check out the report at our home blog Titus Road!)

So, I opted for Coconut Cupcakes with a Rum Buttercream Frosting (I used sweetened coconut milk instead of whole milk), and did some pirate-themed decorating. The cupcakes cooked great in the new oven. I used the convection setting, and they were done in 18 minutes. The rum buttercream is VERY boozy! The recipe calls for 3 tablespoons of rum!! One would definitely suffice!

UPDATE: Yesterday, I thought there may have been too much rum in the buttercream after sampling it. But I just tried a full cupcake today, and I retract the statement! 3 Tbs of rum works out just fine for the frosting, it’s not overpowering at all.

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