Snow Day #1

While the snow is finally starting to melt, it wasn’t too long ago that we were stuck home due to the sheer volume of the white stuff that fell from the sky! I use the term “stuck” loosely though because two of the several days we were “stuck” home were work days!! We actually got not just one, but TWO snow days this year! (I know I’m writing like winter’s over and we’re done with the snow… hopefully I’m not jinxing everyone!)

Anyway, I used both of these days off to try out some new cupcake recipes! The first day we had was in the middle of January. For the occasion, I tried out an almond cupcake with almond frosting.

Over the summer Jer and I did a 50 mile bike tour of the Hamptons, after which we were ravenous! We hit the Townline BBQ (one of our favorites) in Sagaponack for lunch, but after burning probably around 2,000 calories during the ride, figured dessert was well deserved! Plus we were really close to Wainscott Cupcakes, which I had wanted to try for a while! I think Jer got vanilla with vanilla buttercream. I tried their almond cupcake, and it was amazing! So amazing that I wanted to try to make one myself.

I found an almond cupcake recipe on the website, and they came out great! Very almondy!! The frosting, which I tinted a snowy blue, was an almond buttercream. Not sure where that recipe came from, but it’s basically a traditional buttercream, made with almond extract instead of vanilla. (NOTE: Always use pure extracts. The imitation stuff is gross. Or so I’ve heard.. never wanted to try it.) I topped these guys with a little bit of coconut and some confectioner’s sugar for a snowy finish.

Since I wasn’t going anywhere due to the snow, and had some time to kill, I had a little “glamour shots” session with the cupcakes, and came up with the dramatic image above! The view my co-workers the next day was closer to this:


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